Sell & Save On MLS® by Paying A Flat Fee Real Estate Commission

This seller listed his duplex at 73 Chapman Ave in Toronto with Arthur Kozlowski, a flat fee commission Real Estate Broker & REALTOR® with One Percent Realty Ltd. in Toronto, sold within 10 days, and saved $20,4001 over a traditional commission, not including bonus HST savings.

He can now buy himself a new car.

Here is what the seller had to say:
"My wife and I wanted to save money on real estate fees, but our neighbours had a bad experience with one of the sell it yourself companies. Arthur provided us a happy medium by offering a low cost solution with full price service. We had an aggressive price model and selling strategy and it paid off. Arthur was always very quick to answer our questions even when our buyers were not. Arthur saved us over twenty thousand dollars!! We had many showings and sold our home within 2 weeks. Thanks Arthur!!" - Jesse

For more details on how you can save money on Real Estate Commission contact Arthur Kozlowski (BROKER & REALTOR®) at 416-825-8756 /, or visit

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